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Want to see how the Wildfire Social Marketing Suite works from the inside out? Now's your chance!
Still Confused?
Harnessing powerful word-of-mouth is simpler than it sounds. We explain it all in this short video!
Case Studies
Learn how the biggest brands use WOM to drive sales, reduce media costs, and boost traffic.

What is Wildfire?

Wildfire creates measurable business results through a network of 100,000 consumer influencers, a powerful social CRM suite, and proven analytics methodology. Wildfire’s WOM programs have boosted brands’ marketing and sales performance, from packaged foods to tourism.

How does it work?

Word-of-mouth is bigger than digital social media! Learn to harness the power of influence to boost sales, increase media efficiency, gain consumer insights, and drive traffic to digital and offline events. Make WOM work for your brand - it’s easier than you think!

Identify Your Influencers!

 According to research, word-of-mouth drives 48% of brand awareness and 46% of product sales in China. But not all WOM is created equal. Some consumers are more knowledgeable and connected than others! Who are these super-fans? Whether talking online or in the real world, Wildfire’s network of 100,000 influencers are experts at creating effective and scalable word-of-mouth for your brand.